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Be the camera: entitled as such for the sole reason that that is what it aims to achieve, is a series of workshops from beginner to advanced that aims at making the photographer the key element in the work he creates. Too many workshops focus on equipment and editing software instead of what matters: The person behind the camera, the eye and the understanding of what is being done.

Next workshop: Be The Camera SOLO (Introductory course in digital photography 1-to-1

Date: According to the client's requirements

Requirements: A Digital Camera.

Division of Workshop: 7 + 1 SESSIONS.

( The plus one session is optional and takes place in the form of a 1-to-1 session )



€500 exc Vat( 4 , 2hr Sessions )

€650 exc Vat  ( 4 , 2hr Sessions + A  2hr shoot practice together)


Any extra lessons requested" €125 exc Vat per 2hour session

Time and schedule for classes can be discussed


What will the workshop consist of: 
*The history and evolution of photography.
*Key Camera Features
*Understanding Light
*Approaching lenses and key differences.
*How to approach and understand colour and b+w   photography.
*Key Editing and saving formats.

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