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Dire State: Voice of the people through images, is a small project depicting the first week of protests that took part in November & December 2019, following the arrest of key suspects in the murder case of Daphne Caruana Galizia as well as the interrogation of others. This led to confusion in the country leaving some people bewildered whilst some others stood their ground for what and who they believed in, others with a bitter taste of anger and others as if they had been betrayed publicly and humiliated. It also, however, brought unity amongst people, and the sacrifices of one person and family; led people from different ideologies to gather under one banner in the name of justice. Justice for those lost, and justice for the country and its people. This documentation is a record not just of the dark days Malta has been through, but it stands as a reminder that the Maltese people can unite and have their voices heard and prevent the chances of similar days to befall their country.

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