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            Welcome to the main page and to my website. Here you will find the latest works photographed, be they street photographs or fine-art photographs, offers, and deals as well as the link to the Instagram feed. Browse away, visit the store and see what new prints are currently available. It's a good way of owning a piece of work be it a landscape or a fine-art nude. If you already know what it is you need, just contact me right away.

Photo quick Glimpse

Kitsch Picks at the Beach
Winter Fashion Shoot for Kitsch Picks
Underwater with Nat
Belgian Band hitting it in Malta
Belgian Band hitting it in Malta
Vintage BW
St. Chris
Madeleine at the beach
Vanja Obscure for EBM Magazine
Marina wearing Fly The Fly Vintage
Edinburgh 2019
Edinburgh 2019
Child from the slums of Phnom Penh
Denise Gaffa for Ray Ban
Madeleine Baldacchino at the beach
Kitsch Picks Going Vintage
Campaign for Arnette Sunglasses
Tina Rizzo International Actress
Marina wearing Fly The Fly Vintage
Pierre Lindh Thai Boxer Portrait
David Pisani International photographer
Apocalesque Joseph Zammit Photographer
As you Like it, Shakespear
Streets of Florence and People Looking
Cambodia Temple
Streets of Florence Levi's Calls
Niclas Elfstedt for EBM Magazine
Cooking at Fat Louie's
Walking in Valletta
Apocalesque with Undine
Denise Gaffa for Ray Ban
Enemy of the People, a Theatre Show
First available bed
A bridge in Glasgow
Have it your way ( Sliema)
Local Singer Dominique
It all Matters. (Paceville)
Viper Soup Complex
Frozen River ( Hungary)
Max & Frida
Local Model Mau ( Valletta)
Florence and its pigeons
Orphee et Eurydice
Rachel Thake Portrait
Local Female Model Madeleine
Valletta Streetscape
Valletta Streets and flesh
Birgu: Will you Remember?
You are your own box. Get out.
Amen collection for Venere
Local Singer for Sunday Circle
Local Athlete for Sunday Circle
Ursuline Sisters
Writer Leanne Ellul
Local Actress Steffi Thake
Artist Peter Howitt
Local Actor Toni Attard
Producer Howard Keith Debono
Photo exhibition
Lawyer Gianella Demarco
Scientist Edward Duca
Je Suis Charlie
Fashion Shoot for Venere
Xmas Shoot for Venere
Magic at the beach
Local Olympic Swimmer
Fighting for rights
Lawyer Gianella Demarco
Local Maltese Footballer
Local Writer Teodor Reljic
The Last animal Circus
A lifetime of teaching.
Last animal Circus in Malta
Local model Madeleine Baldacchino
Local actor Alan Montanaro.
Local Model at Golden Bay
Slovak Power with Pavli
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Malta Based Photographer taking commissions in all of Europe  - for all your photography needs including personal branding, portraits, fashion photography, corporate photography,  event photography, and fine-art photography.  

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