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Phnom penh:
The Struggling smiles


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Quick Intro

Journalism and documentation, or to put it simpler, storytelling was always very close to my heart. I loved the way stories could unfold through words, but more importantly, the way a story could be told through a photograph or a series of pictures. With a military man for a father, I was brought up learning the history of the world through a staple diet of documentaries which mostly covered wars and world tragedies.  These stories were the stories that I was brought up watching and through them I learned about a part of the world that many amongst us are simply willing to ignore or refuse to acknowledge. Do not get me wrong. As horrifying as it may seem, it followed that I developed a keen eye and great understanding of what happens in the world. This also led me to go through stacks of old ‘National Geographic’ and ‘Life’ magazines. The articles and captions must have been interesting surely, but seeing that I was way too young to read and understand such stories, I was captivated by the images. Some images may have been shocking to some, but they seemed to fascinate me even more. I got to know about Cambodia on a Sunday afternoon, lying back on a sofa with my father who put on the “The Killing Fields”. I could not have been more than seven years old, but that movie had surely given birth to a curiosity that would last for years. Did I have a strong grasp of politics, Marxism or even war itself?  Far from it, but I was left with an eager curiosity, which for years made me question what had happened. This led me to watch the movie over and over again and to start my research regarding those horrible years in which the Khmer Rouge had led what was the jewel of Asia, back to the what is today known as year zero. An unfortunate age from which Cambodia is still struggling today, so that it may once more peak amongst other Asian nations.

The Project

This Project was photographed in August 2016 , exhibited and launched in 2018 at the 'Malta Postal Museum & Arts Hub'

valletta StreetScapes


Quick Intro

Valletta Streetscapes was my first street photography exhibition, photographed in 35mm film and handprinted in a darkroom.  

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