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       Dire State: Voice of the people through images, is a small project depicting the first week of protests that took part in November & December 2019, following the arrest of key suspects in the murder case of Daphne Caruana Galizia as well as the interrogation of others. This led to confusion in the country leaving some people bewildered whilst some others stood their ground for what and who they believed in, others with a bitter taste of anger and others as if they had been betrayed publicly and humiliated. It also, however, brought unity amongst people, and the sacrifices of one person and family; led people from different ideologies to gather under one banner in the name of justice. Justice for those lost, and justice for the country and its people. This documentation is a record not just of the dark days Malta has been through, but it stands as a reminder that the Maltese people can unite and have their voices heard and prevent the chances of similar days to befall their country.


       One of the latest assignments I was commisioned to photograph  for one of the publications I work for was that of Niclas Elfstedt, who is not only a leading member of the I-gaming industry in Malta but also has great passion for Thai Boxing, an art he booth practices and teaches. You can read more about Niclas by pressing on the button below.

The slum children of Phnom Penh

       A selection of photographs from my trip to Cambodia whilst documenting the slums of Phnom Penh. These photos were used for an article I wrote regarding the situation there for the Sunday Circle. More work is being done and the book launch and exhibition shall be announced soon.


     A selection of photos I had take of Photographer David Pisani for an interview I had written for the Sunday Circle. the article was mainly about David Pisani's project which was the documentation of what remains in the no man's land of Cyprus.

The faces of sadness

       Part of a photo essay shot for the Sunday Circle, these images were to taken in a spam of time at the unlicensed zoo in Hal Farrug. It was meant to show how parks are inappropriate and the animals kept there tell us in the only way they can.

Valletta Streetscapes

       The third exhibition of 2015, Valletta streetscapes tries to capture the living city that is Valletta. A small selection from a complete series, these pictures cover lives, events and personal thoughts and feelings into one. All pictures shot on 35mm film and prints by hand, these silver gelatin prints can be ordered by sending an e-mail.



In tears  I drown my thoughts and self.
Suffocating, my lungs fill, my ears go deaf,
No weight hanging from my ankles.
I dive deep and away from groups in which one mingles,
Pushed away, an object of lesser need.
I tear off my kindness, and let all my goodness bleed,
A formless carcass,  I descend to depths ever deep.
No understanding nor meaning, but never ending sleep,
Eyes shut, but my brain still lives.
These dreams, they describe nothing but my griefs.



The pictures were all shot underwater on 35mm film. Thanks goes to Elaine Galea for Make-up and Jade Bartolo who was the model on the shoot.

You are your own box – get out.

A Series of pictures shot for Schlock Magazine. I was contacted  by the editor and the brief was the following: "Something which depicts Spring, but with a touch of blossoming, rebirth or metamorphosis somewhere in the background; lying there, its presence as subtle as possible."  

Check out the article : 



Writer Teodor Reljic


Teodor Reljic, is a writer and Sub editor for Maltese News Paper "Malta Today" He shall also be releasing his first book in the days to come.







Shot for the "Sunday Circle", The photo essay covers "Circo Orfei" on its last  visit to Malta alongside animals.

Birgu: Will You Remember?

         The series used for my first exhibition covering the changes happening in Birgu, be it visually and culturally in comparison with the changes happening within.

Mdina Glass


As part of my studies I had taken this photos essay , showing the art of glass blowing by one of Malta's leading companies.




Je Suis Charlie

After the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo the French communities all around the world and people form every respective country had events to remember the artists who had been killed during a terrorist attack, Even in Malta, a unified community of French Maltese and other nationalities gathered at St.Julians

Ursuline Sisters

A photo essay shot for the Sunday Circle, this series covered the work of the nuns who take care of children who are in great need of aid.




One of the first projects I have worked on. The subjects here are representing characters from "La Commedia Del Arte ".

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