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A new, deeper World

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

This summer I have journeyed into a world that many know about but very few have experienced. It is a world in which life is different in various ways. A world in which the colours go from red to green and then blue. A world which is at peace and the waves are its skies. Yup you guessed it, it is a world that has now been made available to me thanks to Scuba.

Diving in Malta
Dive Guide Luciano leading the Dive in Zurrieq

I had been wanting to try Scuba for a very long time ( ever since I was young and had watched "Thunderbolt" ) and every year something would pop up just to force me to change my plans and postpone to the following year. This was happening year after year after year, after which I had to just put my foot down and stick to my guns come what may. To encourage this, I did the one thing I had to do: purchase my underwater photography kit. That would lead me into having to go for a dive at some point.

With all the equipment in hand, there was only one thing left for me to do. Drive down to the diving center close to my house ( DiveMed ) and sign up for the diving courses. I applied for both open water and advanced open-water courses. Why not! Go big or go home. You would think one would just get in a suit put on his gear and jump in, but you'd be totally wrong. The first part of diving is reading, and I had a massive book to go through. Before the first session I had read most of the book which yes makes sense, you need to know what the instructor is talking about and not look totally clueless.

Diving in Malta
Diving in Malta

Diving in Malta
Follow the Dive

It definitely does look easy but the truth is it isn't. Diving is a great way of exploring a new world and I would compare learning to become a scuba diver with the first skills one would learn as a newborn. You need to learn how to breathe, how to move, and how to communicate all from the start, and that sensation, that learning curve is by far one of the best parts of diving. It is a new world in all ways and means and the experiences are just as astonishing. One has to take it seriously, enjoy the views and sea life. This will be a very short post but I promise more to come in future days. That being said, if interested in visiting this world I have become so keen on why not head down to a certified center such as DiveMed, which I highly recommend and see what it is like to be under the waves.

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