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Print Information:

Each and every print shall be made on order by hand in a Dark Room. This is not a digital print and every print is unique as it is not mass-produced. Seeing that it is a hand-print, the image might have some subtle differences from the one seen on screen which is part of the beauty of Silver Gelatin prints. No print is similar to the other as even a couple of seconds can make a difference whilst processing.



Paper size as described in selection.

Fine Art Nude Silver Gelatin 2

  • Returns are accepted as long as Item has reached you in a damaged state.

    Contact me within 7 days of delivery to you sending us photos of the damaged product via e-mail.
    Ship Item back within 14 days of delivery.

  • The traditional process for producing black and white prints is a wet chemical process whereby exposing a piece of paper coated with silver nitrate held together in a gelatine layer to light via a black and white negative film producing a print. The paper is negative and the film is also negative with two negatives producing a positive image on the paper. Prints produced this way are termed silver gelatin and are most sort after by serious collectors. No two prints are exactly alike as this is an organic process and each print will be affected by the depletion of the developer, chemical temperature and processing time furthermore if the printer adds or removes light by what is called ‘dodging or burning in’ then this too will produce slightly different effects on each print. 

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