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Street Photography

What is Silver Gelatin?


       A gelatin silver process is a process with which one can make black and white prints from negatives. The initial process starts by taking pictures using a roll or sheet of film which is then developed so as to produce a negative that will then be used in a dark room to make the final product which is the print. The fiber-based paper used in a dark room is light sensitive, so it is by projecting light through the negative onto the paper, followed by baths in different chemicals, that an image is put on paper. Unlike digital photography, in which once a photo has been edited and all the photos printed will be exactly the same, a silver gelatin print is a handprint meaning all editing is done by hand. This always leads to having a unique print as no image can ever be printed exactly the same as the one before it.  


Every print ordered here is a unique print made on order just for you within my personal darkroom, and it will be signed and dated accordingly.


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