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Photographer Jacob Sammut

It is all about the story, the story behind the image that is, which each viewer can interpret as they may. That is what matters to Jacob Sammut, be it the streets, a portrait, or a piece of fine art, what comes across is a story that has to be told. Jake tends to work predominantly in analog format, shooting mostly black and white film, a medium he believes to be more honest and real. He then proceeds to print the images in a darkroom by hand, a process forgotten by many, which gives unique results every time a print is made.


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Currently reading for a BA (Hons.) Photography with the Open College of the Arts

Featured photographer on Maltese fashion reality television program "Venere"

Has held local exhibitions both personal or organised by other agencies.

Diploma in Professional Photography from the Institute of Photography, London


Freelances for a wide variety of magazines and papers some of which include "The Sunday Circle" The Malta Independent, The Sunday Times and EBM Magazine.

Released his first publication entitled Phnom Penh: The Struggling Smiles (April 2018).

Released second publication Entitled: Dire State, Voice of the people through Images.

Through photojournalism he at times writes the articles for the assignments he is commissioned to photograph.

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