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Be the camera: titled as such, as that is what it aims to achieve. The scope of this series of workshops, which ranges from beginner to advanced levels, is to make the photographer the key element in the work created. This workshop focuses on introducing studio lighting from both fixed lights to strobes, the different modifiers used and for what reason, and much more , within the comfort of a professional studio

Coming Up Workshops:

From the 17-19 May

Location: To be announced

Requirements: A digital camera

Division of Workshop: 3 sessions
Maximum Students Per Workshop: 8

Dates and Time:

Friday 17th May ,2 to 3 hours

Saturday 18th May, 4 hours

Sunday 19th May, 4 hours


€325 (Models for days Provided)

A deposit of €100 is to be paid on booking your slot.



​Workshop overview:


This is an introduction to the studio environment, its pros and cons, and the different types of equipment and what they are used for.



The second session covers different lighting setups one may use for different purposes, portraiture lighting and practice, and in-depth discussion.

SESSION 3 Third session broadens the image and moves from portraiture, which can be slightly confined to a broader space, this time looking at different full body lighting setups and practice


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